CAREL Hecu system

Hecu sistema is the CAREL solution designed specifically for convenience stores. Increasing attention to energy efficiency, in other words lower environmental impact and lower running costs, makes the CAREL solution the perfect response to market needs. Hecu sistema ensures that the condensing units adopting this technology achieve maximum results in terms of energy classification.



System reliability

Hecu sistema improves oil return to BLDC compressors even at low operating speed. Oil return and recovery procedures with the Speed Boost function This software function makes the compressor work at a sufficiently high speed to assist oil return.

Better return oil flow and easy installation with the multi-split system and pre- insulated piping CAREL recommends multi-split systems, given the importance of piping in oil return to the compressors. This system uses low diameter piping, the same size in all suction lines that flow into the same manifold. In operating conditions where the compressor works at low speed, these conditions assist oil return to the compressor.

Extensive usability

The high performance of the individual components is maximised by the tight synchronisation introduced with Hecu sistema

pRack Hecu

pRack Hecu is the main controller that manages the logic of the Hecu sistema. It provides complete management of a condensing unit with BLDC compressor for low or medium temperatures, with advanced control functions, oil return, defrost and liquid or vapour injection. Serial connection to showcases fitted with MPXPRO controllers is a significant extra feature, due to advanced optimisation algorithms this ensures.


power+ is a special inverter for controlling compressors with brushless permanent magnet motors (BLDC/BLAC). Integrated into Hecu sistema, this device can achieve significant energy saving by modulating compressor speed and consequently unit cooling capacity. Variations in load are managed precisely and with constant control of compressor envelope.

EXV Sistema

The Carel EXV electronic expansion valves stand out above all for their excellent flow control, even at very low flow-rates. Carel expansion valves have three main strengths: reliability over time, extremely precise control, perfect refrigerant tightness.


MPXPRO is the complete control device for multiplexed showcases or cold rooms. Compact and flexible, with special focus on energy saving and user simplicity, this device can manage CAREL proportional EEV electronic expansion valves using ultracap technology to ensure closing in the event of power failures.

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